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P H O T O G R A P H E R ‘ S  B I O G R A P H Y


Mission:  Photograph the World Around Us and Share My Gift With Others.

Summary of January 1980 to Present

Photography Locations:  United States, Europe, Canada, and Mexico


diacam-50.jpgMy Photography is a great gift from God.  I accomplished Photojournalism while serving on the staff of American Legion posts, Veterans groups, churches, and nonprofits.  My work was published and displayed on a BBC TV show, national websites, magazines, the NJ American Legion Headquarters, galleries, and various events around California, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C.  Veterans groups and organizations presented me with awards.  Personally, I travel and photograph family, landscape, nature, and cultures representing the "love of the world around us."  When the tragedy of 9-11 happened, it struck home.  I returned to the East Coast to try to capture reality, as I felt I was in a dream.  My work includes 9-11 NY Ground Zero and NJ Tributes and Memorials.  For 25 years, I was a Computer Engineer turned Health and Fitness Advocate to help, inspire, and motivate people to make positive changes and live healthy, balanced lives.  I continue to serve God and my country using my photography as a catalyst when I capture the emotions, struggles and determination of people attaining their goals as they celebrate their lives participating in Events, Marathons, Kids Runs, Wheelchair and Disabled races.  I am honored to use God’s gift and my awards belong to Him! 

R E C O G N I T I O N   A N D   P U B L I S H E D

2008  BBC TV Education Program -  Dinosaur Dash Tustin CA 2006 “Start Fun Run” photo.  The TV series for 11-14 year olds promoted children’s health, fitness, academics and future!

2008 California Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports website www.calgovcouncil.org  OC Marathon Kids Run 2006 photo “7 + 8 Year Olds Taking Off” under Governor's Challenge header. 

2007 Ground Zero Cross - used for the Grove Avenue Baptist Church, Richmond, VA, “Into the Fire” concert invitation.  In 2006, graphic designer Holly Delano prayed for a photo and did a Google search bringing up 22 million results.  Though she searched for days and even saw photos from Time Magazine, the Lord led her to mine.  The Ground Zero Cross was made of two steel beams on 9/11 and was found by rescue workers and mounted at the World Trade Center site.  It was temporarily moved to St. Paul's Chapel where rescue workers congregated during the recovery process.  I wrote an article: "It's a God Thing - 22 Million".

2006 President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports – As a 50th Anniversary Partner, my photos of the Washington, D.C. 3rd Healthier US Fitness Challenge were shared nationally.   The Harlem Globetrotters were there and many exhibits, classes, games, and free health screenings took place. Exec Dir Melissa Johnson and Christine Spain, Dir Planning & Special Projects conveyed our Nation's strong commitment to health, physical activity, and fitness.

2007 Calvary Chapel Magazine Issue 31 Spring – Pastor Gabe De Alba of Calvary Chapel Los Feliz, Glendale, CA submitted his article “Bringing the Bible to Bikers” and used my 2006 Love Ride Bikers Photo.  This is the largest motorcycle fundraising event in the world with 20,000 bikers led by Jay Leno, Peter Fonda, Larry Hagman, and Celebrities.  Our Orange County Calvary Riders of the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) volunteered there.

2005-2007 National Association for Health and Fitness annual conference photos were shared nationally. 

2007 The National Recreation and Parks Association Magazine photo of Sheila Franklin, Director of the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity.

2006 CA Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Event Bronze Medal Spotlight Award went to the Dinosaur Dash Tustin.  My photo was submitted as part of the nomination.

2006 The American Council for Fitness and Nutrition Newsletter photo of Dr. Susan Finn, Chair. 

Races throughout Southern California like the LA Marathon, Komen Race for the Cure-Breast Cancer, American Lung Association Asthma & Healthy Air Walks, Long Beach Marathon, Orange County Marathon, Pacific Shoreline Marathon, Wheelchair, and Kids Races. 

Events like the all girls Boardfest, US Surfing Open, AVP Volleyball, and the CHOC Asthma Air Power Games. Schools in Great Britain and NJ used photos for leadership and 9/11 tragedy.  American family photo used in my friend’s 2006 re-election campaign for our hometown of Rahway, NJ, where he was mayor for 14 years. 

Video and Still Photography for Mission Trips to Mexico, Cross Country Ski video, and Breast Cancer documentary. 


Tinton Falls Fire Department, NJ recognized me for my photography of their memorial services on the two anniversaries following the 9-11 Tragedy. My photos, which included their World Trade Center Replica, were also displayed on the Borough's website.

AT&T Veterans Club Holmdel, NJ  presented me with awards for Memorial Day ceremonies in 1993-94 and dedication of the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Last Patrol marched from Washington, D.C. to Holmdel, NJ in 1989 with 1,486 names of NJ POW’s, men and women who sacrificed their lives.  I marched the last five miles with them and they presented me with an award.

Photography Federation judges presented numerous awards in 1980’s and 1990’s.

American Legion Vietnam Veterans Memorial Post 512, NJ, recognized me as Historian of the post 1982-84 for documenting the accomplishments of Vietnam Veterans.

D E S C R I P T I O N  A N D  E V E N T S

2001 - In the events following 9-11, I used my photography to deal with my pain and to promote healing.  I lived in Southern California and traveled frequently to the East Coast.  As I left Newark Airport a week before 9-11, I thought how great it was to enjoy the scenery of both coasts. On my way home, I saw the New York skyline with the Twin Towers and then to California, where beaches and sun approached my view.  Having grown up in Jersey, I saw the skyline all the time.  I never knew I was to return the month after 9-11 to devastation of the life I knew.  I didn’t think I could pick up my camera to witness the pain and document the emotions.

But I did it.  I had to.  Life goes on. Christmas after 9-11 in New York City and New Jersey was different.  Six months after 9-11, the Tribute in Light displayed two majestic lights to replace the Towers that once stood.  I captured the spirit. I wanted to illustrate that freedom comes with a price.  I shall never take our freedom for granted, but I admit I always thought I would see those Twin Towers when I flew in and out of New Jersey and New York.  I share this gift with you in honor of those who died as heroes and victims.  I cry with you.  I pray with you.

1982 to 1984 - As the American Legion Vietnam Veterans Memorial Post 512, NJ Historian my photos, viewed by thousands, documented the accomplishments of Vietnam Veterans.  I participated in numerous events, parades, meetings, and dedications.  With a special press card, I attended the 1982 dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Wash., D.C.

My pictures were published in the 17th Parallel, a widely read publication for Vietnam Vets.  The pictures of the ceremonies at the Vietnam Veteran Wall on Memorial Day in 1983 were presented to Headquarters of the American Legion, State of New Jersey.

1989 - At a dedication of a Memorial to Medal of Honor Winner, Sgt. Frank Molnar, New Brunswick, NJ, my pictures were presented to his mother.  I also presented the name etching that I traced from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

1989 - I marched the last five miles in Holmdel, NJ with my dear friend Vince DePayne and other Vietnam Veterans who were returning from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. with the 1,486 names of the NJ men and women who sacrificed their lives.

1994 - I photographed the dedication of the New Jersey Vietnam Memorial, where former Governor Florio spoke at the Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ.  My photos were displayed around the State of New Jersey.



Thomas Edison State College, New J ersey                California State University Fullerton

Bachelor of Science. Computer Science, 1987.          Masters of Science. Kinesiology, 1998.