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Session Description:  In this fun and interactive session, Diane engages the audience to learn about wellness and how a woman achieves success in the areas of her spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and social self at each stage of life.  Learn how we are different and how to deal with it.  Focus on making positive changes and enjoy la dolce vita – the sweet life.  Learn how to lose weight, what really works, and which diets are real.  Overcoming adversities and the importance of physical activity are emphasized.  Discover Diane’s secret to anti-aging.  Diane promises to motivate you to live a healthy, balanced life.  Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious.  Laughter is inevitable.


Speaker Biography:

Diane Sabba is an entertaining and energetic Coach who motivates you to celebrate life.  She is down-to-earth, and feels that common sense and hard work are necessary to achieve goals.  For 25 years, Diane was a Computer Engineer turned Health and Fitness Advocate.  She owned a computer company for 17 years and a health and fitness company the last 10.  She specializes in coaching on a broad range of issues pertinent to work and life balance.  She employs athletes' principles of Sport Psychology for success and performance enhancement.  She volunteers for the California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, and is a President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports 50th Anniversary Partner.  As an Exercise Consultant for the Lung Association OC/LA, she researched and authored their Exercise and Asthma program for children, where she presents the program to schools and groups throughout Orange County.


Diane's photography expresses her "love of the world around us" and has won awards and national recognition.  For 27 years, she excelled in Photojournalism for community, charity and Vietnam Veterans’ issues.  Her works were published and displayed in national publications, galleries, websites and events.  She photographed travels across the U.S. and Europe and third world cultures while on mission trips.  Her 9-11 NY Ground Zero and NJ Memorials received national acclaim.  Her photos of Marathons, Kids Runs, and Wheelchair Races capture the emotions, struggles and determination of people and children attaining goals and overcoming adversities. 


For two decades, Diane enjoyed cross-country skiing.  She traveled across the U.S. with skis in car and camera in hand.  She produced a "How to Cross Country Ski" video while receiving her Masters in Kinesiology and taught beginners for many years.  She took up volleyball in her forties and plays year round in Southern California. You can find her at the beach where she lives, works, and plays.