C e l e b r a t e  
      L i f e !      


We are the men and women age 40 and older who strive to live healthy lifestyles.   I welcome anyone who meets my criteria, to have your photograph and lifestyle placed here.  I am recognizing you and congratulating you on a great accomplishment. 

volleyballI want this to be a chance for us baby boomers to have the spotlight and motivation to continue striving to live healthy.  We keep hearing about the obese and overweight, but I want everyone to hear about you.  I want you who are trying to lose weight and trying to live a healthier lifestyle to be able to join us when you reach your goals.  This is your motivation, too! 

  • Age 40+
  • Maintain a Good Weight
  • Eat Healthy
  • Physically Active
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • No Lifestyle Medical Problems
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red dress

Some of us like to eat hot dogs (me) and some of us have a sweet tooth (also, me-whoops).  But we try.  We fight the same temptations like the overweight and sedentary people.  We are not lazy!  We don't fall into the excuse trap.  We get over using food as a crutch.  We try and we give it our best.  This list represents the desire to Celebrate Life for those of us who reached our goals.  We try to grow and improve.  This list will represent the same for those who want to join us. 


God only gave us one, so enjoy it and be happy.

Do you meet my criteria? I would like to place your photograph, name, age and activities that you do, on this list.  Email to healthyandfit@dianesabba.com