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Learn how to live a healthy, balanced life.  Get in shape.  Obtain a medical clearance before you start an exercise program.  The main components for Health & Fitness are:


volleyball You can rev up your metabolism by aerobically exercising regularly.  Metabolism is the rate that your body can burn calories.  You will also strengthen your heart and increase your power.  You have to challenge your body's cardiovascular power.  This refers to your heart, lungs, and arteries to deliver oxygen to muscles.  I suggest that you exercise between 70 and 80 percent of your maximum ability.  I prefer the perceived exertion scale.  Think of a scale of 0 to 10.  Exercise around 7 or 8.  You will feel like you are exercising vigorously, and still just about able to carry on a conversation.  You can perform fun activities that are considered good for your cardiovascular system such as brisk walking, biking, hiking, roller skating, and dancing.  A minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of straight aerobic activity is good.


upright row Working with weights tones your body and increases your metabolism.  Muscles are the primary calorie burners.  You will gain strength, power, and endurance.  You will also prevent the loss of muscle as well as bone mass, which happens with aging.  I design programs that get you toned in a most efficient way, where you don't have to spend too many hours at the gym.  Plus you can work out at home.  My programs include much of the Stretching portion of your plan.


This is done with all of your activities and keeps you flexible and safe from injuries.  Sometimes this is the most overlooked portion of a program, but yet it is one of the most important parts. 



Eating well plays a big part in staying healthy and looking great.  If you increase your daily physical activities and don't starve yourself, you will rev up your metabolism, which will in turn burn more fat and calories.  I don't like diets that are the big fads of today.  Most people starve themselves by cutting calories tremendously.  When that happens, your body goes into starvation mode, conserving instead of burning fat.  Your body feels there is a shortage of food, and it responds by protecting against the loss of body fat.  The burning of calories is actually shut down. 

I can design a program for you based on your goals.  You will learn about good carbs vs. bad carbs.  I feel that eating smaller meals throughout the day keeps your body fueled.  Drink plenty of water.  Most people are walking around dehydrated.  Let's not count the diet cokes or other beverages that you drink.  Most that have caffeine are diuretics.  We want pure water.  Some of those fad diets have people losing only water weight, and your metabolism of fat actually becomes less effective.  Your body's ability to burn fat is lowered. 


  1. The goals are too big and overwhelming.  Say, you want to lose 30 lbs.  You did not get overweight in a short time.  Don't expect to lost weight too quickly-or you are destined to failure.
  2. Procrastination is really laziness.  You need to commit to something positive right now.  You can do it now! 
  3. Afraid of change can be detrimental from leaving your comfort zone.  Get into the challenge.  Take a risk.  The only way to go is thinking positively.  Remember that Change = Improvement.
  4. Excuses and excuses.  Get rid of them.  They are keeping you from a wonderful healthy and fit life.

I teach the ways you can live a healthy and fit life based on the principles of Sport Psychology.  I have a Masters Degree in Kinesiology and am a certified ACE and AFAA Personal Trainer.