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Diane Sabba is an entertaining and energetic Coach who motivates you to reach your goals and celebrate life.  She is down-to-earth, and feels that common sense and hard work are necessary to achieve your goals.  She is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, author, teacher, and photographer.  Diane is widely recognized for her various leadership positions in business and health and fitness.  For 25 years, Diane was a Computer Engineer turned Health and Fitness Advocate.   She owned a computer company for 17 years and a health and fitness company for the last 10 years.   She specializes in coaching on a broad range of issues pertinent to work and life balance.   She employs athletes' principles of Sport Psychology for success and performance enhancement.   She promotes health and fitness as well as addresses the challenges commonly faced by clients in business today.   She helps them find a balance in their work and personal lives.   She carefully assesses personal values, needs and goals. 

Diane volunteers for the California Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.  She worked on the Awards Committee in 2006 and 2007 and was a President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports 50th Anniversary Partner in 2006.   As an Exercise Consultant for the Lung Association for Orange County, she researched and authored their Asthma and Exercise Program for Children, where she presented the program to schools and groups throughout Orange County. 

Diane has great faith, love, and an entrepreneurial spirit.   She feels that all comes from God and wants to use her unique talents to give back to both God and mankind.   Diane loves the outdoors and is an avid Photographer.   Diane's photography expresses her "love of the world around us" and has won awards and national recognition.   For 27 years, she excelled in Photojournalism for community, charity and Vietnam Veterans' issues.  Her works were published and displayed in national publications, galleries, websites and events.   She won numerous awards from Veterans' Organizations and photography groups.   She photographed travels across the U.S. and Europe and third world cultures while on mission trips.   Her 9-11 NY Ground Zero and NJ Memorials received national acclaim.  Her photos of Marathons, Kids Runs, and Wheelchair Races capture the emotions, struggles and determination of people and children attaining goals and overcoming adversities.

For two decades, Diane enjoyed cross-country skiing.   She traveled across the U.S. with skis in car and camera in hand.   She taught beginners for many years.   She produced, directed, and authored "How to Cross Country Ski" video based on research for motor learning and neuromuscular training.   She taught about fitness, nutrition, equipment, instructions and mental skills training blended in an outdoor environment and synchronized to music.   She managed marketing efforts on the Internet on various snow sport websites and in Sports and Fitness journals including Cross Country Skier Magazine.

Diane took up volleyball in her forties and plays year round in Southern California. You can find her at the beach where she lives, works, and plays.  


2007 - Chair of the National Association for Health and Fitness 30th Annual Conference and co-hosted by the California Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

2007 - The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and Melissa Johnson, Executive Director, gave an award for work as national leader in health and fitness.

2007 - California Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports awarded the special Council Jacket, a gift from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and made an honorary member of the Council by Jake Steinfeld (Body by Jake) and Kenny Rogers, Executive Director

2006 - National Association for Health and Fitness Member of the Year

2004 - Nominated for the prestigious Minerva Award, created by Maria Shriver, First Lady of California. Diane's work in environmental issues and promotion of health and fitness was recognized by many friends. The article was published in the Orange County Register.


Director-at-Large for the National Association for Health and Fitness

Western Regional Director for NAHF

President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports 50th Anniversary Partner

State Coordinator for President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports Demonstration Center Program


Christian Motorcyclists Association - Bikers Against Diabetes, Jay Leno's Love Ride, and various events since 1999.

Breast Cancer "Race for the Cure" at Newport Beach Fashion Island since 1996.

American Lung Association Orange County - Asthma Walk - Volunteer & Photography since 2005.

Photography for various events including Governor's Council, President's Council, Marathons, Kids Runs, Races, Sports


Diane holds a Master's Degree in Kinesiology from California State University Fullerton, and a Professional Coaching and Mentoring Certificate from California State University, Long Beach..  She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology/Computer Science utilized in the computer field for 25 years.   Diane was also an ACE certified Personal Trainer since 1996.