C e l e b r a t e  
      L i f e !      


You need to change!  Surprise, your company was just bought out.  Half the staff just got laid off.  Budgets were cut, and your boss was let go.  You start in a new department immediately. 

If you need help in any of these situations, then let Diane coach you to be successful in making changes.  She will help, inspire, and motivate you to develop your attitudes, behaviors, and skills.  She will help you to deal with the change and how to make it benefit you.  She will help you create strategies and action plans to reach your goals.  She will guide you to focus and solve issues, be accountable, and move forward. 

Diane Sabba, M.S. is widely recognized as a Business Coach who focuses on Business and Personal Development.  She has owned a high tech company for 17 years, a health and fitness company, and knows what change is about.  She has been through good times and bad. She has opened and closed businesses and reengineered practices.  Like an athlete who has a coach to enhance performance, Diane employs the same athletic principles of Sport Psychology to promote success.  She knows what it takes to change. 

Some of the material covered in her programs include: